About RCG

If you want to learn about the most important investing strategy of the 21st century, look no further than RCG. We were founded by Ovi Nasui, and our training is based on a strategy his father pioneered for helping elderly to live a more comfortable, dignified life.

The Residential Care Gateway was founded by individuals who have been involved personally in the RCFE business since 1998, and have successfully produced homes that have provided us with cash flow unlike any other investments. Our core team is Ovi Nasui and his partners John Nasui and Phil Blackwell. We have been involved with many other types of investments such as: foreclosures, short sales, rentals, fix & flips, billboards, pre-construction properties, software development, online marketing, market trading, and a few other niche areas in the area of investments.

Why the RCFE model?

Although we have enjoyed the challenges of different investing strategies, none have been as successful and rewarding as RCFE investing.

It doesn’t take an economist to figure out that the elderly population is growing at an alarming rate, and they all have to live somewhere. We believe people should be treated with dignity and have the opportunity to live out the rest of their lives in a place that feels like “home”.

Unfortunately, most elderly care facilities are not pleasant, and we saw the need for a better home for this growing population. Because of our success and the possibilities to continue to rapidly grow this type of investment, we decided to put together a team to help others learn about this amazing strategy. The Residential Care Gateway was established to assist those struggling to achieve success and who are willing to help others in need.

With over 12 years of experience this company has pioneered training to take new or seasoned investors to the next level of success and financial freedom.

The Original Innovators of RCFE Training

Have you invested money in programs from expensive seminar companies that gave you empty promises?

We are not one of those companies. Our products are affordable and our information is comprehensive up-to-date. Although we began with speaking at live events, we grew tired of being on the road often, and wanted to spend time at home with our families. That is why Residential Care Gateway was founded.

We pride ourselves in working with people of integrity, and the materials and content are unlike any others on the market. We are the first and only company that teaches the real RCFE investing strategy. Other seminar promotors have called, emailed, and asked us to be a part of their RCFE training events, and we found that they just wanted to steal our information. 

Be very careful not to learn this strategy from just anybody!

Verify that they have actually owned and operated an RCFE. Some people make their living by teaching on something they’ve never done before, nor do they have firsthand experience.

About our Founder

Ovi Nasui, immigrated to the United States at the young age of 6 years old with his Mother & Father. He started out life like every one else, but something was a little different.

He did not have the goals or wishes that every other kid his age wanted. Mr. Nasui wanted more out of life. MUCH more.

At a very early age he was exposed to the concept of Elderly Care, and he was immersed in the business since the young age of 13. At 18 years of age he began investing in Real Estate throughout the country. He owned rentals, did short sales, bought foreclosures, and rehabbed houses for profit. But nothing was more rewarding on a personal and financial level than Elderly Care Facilities.

He then went on to speak for a national investment company and train many people throughout the U.S. Mr. Nasui realized that he did not want to just be a speaker, he wanted to be an educator and actually practice what he preached. That is why he founded Residential Care Gateway. So that he could educate people on the benefits of getting involved in Elderly Care Facilities and how to do it well.

Mr. Nasui still is expanding his business throughout the nation, and is not only working on business adventures in the US but in Europe as well.