Frustrated by your investments (or wish you had some?)...

The World's First and Only Investing Program That Allows You To Rake In Over $10,000 In Pure Profit From Just One Regular Single-Family Home...

...And Still Build Equity In Appreciating Real Estate!

We've been running RCFEs successfully since 1998, starting with zero experience, through the ups and downs of the real estate market. Now our plan is perfected and ready for you to implement.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we recommend that you start with the RCG Deluxe Kit. This training includes a step-by-step manual, DVD library, and MP3s for your learning convenience.

This program will provide you with repeatable support and techniques that work in any market and normally costs over $4,995.00 at a live event. Don’t waste your hard-earned money buying something you will be able to see only once. Use this program as many times as you want and retain all the knowledge in your personal library in hard copy form. The time to take action is NOW, and the one thing that will never happen is success without action.


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The material in our program includes:

The Definitive Manual (over 150 pages)
9 DVD modules
MP3s of each module
PDF slides of each module
Forms CD
Lifetime Access to Digital Updates
3 Months of Email Support

Here's a breakdown of what we will cover with you:

•Finding the location that is best for your facility
•Finding the best possible property
•Purchasing properties and the different techniques
•Building the perfect property for care homes
•Learn exactly what to look for in the property to make it work
•The exact modifications required per property
•Secret techniques used to make the property different from all others
•Laws and regulations required by the states
•The licensing process & speeding up the process
•Learn the daily operations of the facilities
•How to structure your facility the right way to protect yourself from law suites
•How to get the very important funding that you need
•Learn the marketing strategies of the pros to make your facility the best
•Learn the correct way to staff your facility so you can have a life
•And much much more.....


Get all of the documentation you will need:

•License application
•Med chart
•Resident contracts
•Resident evaluation forms
•Forms for home records
•Staffing contracts
•Staff training forms
•Funding forms
•Functional business plan
•And a whole lot more....

Limited BONUS! Because you arrived at this special link through a friend, I'm throwing in a a special offer. You will receive a coupon for a 1 hour phone consultation with me personally! This alone is worth $250.

If you have any questions, call (702) 421-2770 to speak with my personal director and
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The terms of our Iron-Clad 90 Day Performance Guarantee are as follows:

If you have used your RCG business kit, studied through all the materials, and used your 1-hour RCG phone consultation, and you’re still not satisfied with your investment, just package the product up and return it in its original packaging and condition, along with a one page hand-written letter of why it won't work for you and we will give you a full refund for the purchase price. We must receive your request within 90 days.

Feel free to contact us with any questions by sending an email to

My best,


Ovi Nasui


Residential Care Gateway
A Legal Entity of Upleapp, LLC
450 Hillside Drive BLDG A
Mesquite, Nevada, 89027

PS - The baby boomers have dominated housing market trends at each stage of their lives- as they approach retirement, the residential care facility is set to be not only an amazing investment now, but it will explode in the next decade!

PPS - Yes, it's safe, as far as investments go, we'll talk more about it, but realize this is an investment you can get huge cashflow now, and have multiple exit strategies.