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Phil Blackwell, Partner & Business Consultant

Ovi Nasui, RCFE Owner

Topic: Start an RCFE In Any State
Presenter: Phil Blackwell, Partner & Business Consultant
Presenter: Ovi Nasui, RCFE Owner
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Elderly Care Business Models Consistently Rank #1 On The Top 10 Best Businesses To Start Every Year. Let Us Show You The Most Profitable Model To Start With.

We've uncovered a way to achieve unheard-of monthly net profit, with just ONE regular single-family home while improving the living conditions of the growing elderly population. We've been running RCFEs successfully since 1998, starting with zero experience, through the ups and downs of the real estate market.

Dear Friend,

My name is Phil Blackwell and I want to introduce you to Ovi Nasui and his game-changing strategy. No matter what state you live in or how much experience you have in the industry, you can start a care facility the right way and we are here to show you how.

The baby boomers have remained the single largest grouping of people at every stage of their lives and they’re getting older. Although the elder care market has been a great investment for years, the elderly population is growing at astounding rates and there just aren’t enough places for them to live. There are many ways to invest in this market but RCFEs are the smart choice for many reasons.

You might be thinking that investing time and money into elder care sounds like a lot of work, and dealing with complex government regulations and zoning restrictions is probably a huge pain. You would be right... UNLESS you take the RCFE model and do it in the RIGHT neighborhood.

You might be wondering what kind of experience you need and if this webinar is right for you. Let me just tell you the story of how Ovi’s father John, a poor immigrant from Romania, moved his family to the U.S. and literally bumped into this opportunity.

When the Nasui family arrived in California in 1991 on a bus, they had only one suitcase and a few dollars. John started a carpet cleaning business, and one day while cleaning a nursing home manager's office, John accidentally bumped the desk and a check fell to the floor. The amount of money on that check made his eyes grow wide as the possibilities raced through his brain. A nursing home sounded overwhelming, so created the idea of the residential care facility. This was fortunate, as it allowed his facility to avoid commercial zoning, and it didn’t require doctors or nurses because it was not a medical facility!

That was over 15 years ago, and after John brought Ovi into the business, they sold that first property for a sum they couldn’t pass up. They went on to invest a chunk of their profit to learn other real estate strategies. Some worked fine, but when the real estate market dropped they were left with losses and a question of what to do next. Then it hit them: why not go back to the residential care facility? It’s consistent, and recession-resistant. Since then they have expanded their residential care facility business and trained others who have successful care home businesses in multiple states.

This really is the ultimate real estate strategy for beginners or seasoned investors, and not just for the income. It’s truly a business you can be proud of, as long as you do it the right way, and open the right kind of home.

Ovi has enjoyed such great success he chose to create a training to show others what is possible for their lives. His residential care facility model has been tested and proven over the past 15 years and READY for anyone who wants to take the next step.

Join our webinar, and Ovi will walk you through the steps you need to get started. Whether you want to be an investor and totally “hands off”, or you have a heart for the elderly and want to work in the home as an administrator, sign up for the webinar and mark your calendar!

Our best,

Phil Blackwell, Host


& Ovi Nasui, Presenter


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(Feel free to call the office if you have any questions, and leave a message if we’re out.)

PS - The baby boomers have dominated housing market trends at each stage of their lives- as they approach retirement, the residential care facility is set to be not only an amazing investment now, but it will explode in the next decade!

PPS - Yes, it's safe, as far as investments go, we'll talk more about it, but realize this is an investment you can get huge cashflow now, and have multiple exit strategies. Okay, Okay, you want numbers. How does $10,000 net profit per month from EACH regular single family home sound?

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