“One Residential Care Home Brings In 100x More Monthly Than A Regular Rental!”

Essential RCFE Investing Secrets from the Top Investors in the Industry.  

The ONLY Comprehensive Guide on the Market for RCFE Investing.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we recommend that you start with the RCG Business Kit. This training includes a step-by-step manual that has been perfected to be easily understood and comprehensive. You will be on your way to starting your own facility in as little time as possible.

What You'll Get

You will get a step-by-step 150 page manual that will guide you through every part of the RCF process including: finding the property, doing the modfications required, getting licensed, getting staffing set up working properly, getting residents, making the property cashflow with highest performing profits, marketing, asset structure, and many, many more items that facilitate running and owning a successful RCF. You will also get a thumb drive full of essential materials to support your success. The thumb drive contains all the FORMS you need to get started and run your business.

This program will provide you with repeatable support and techniques that work in any market and normally cost $4,995-$7,995.00 at a live event. Don’t spend your life savings on buying something that you will be able to see only once. Use this program as many times as you want and retain all the knowledge in your personal library in hard copy form. We want you to achieve something without blowing your budget. The time to take action is NOW, and the one thing that will never happen is success without action.

The material in our program includes:

•finding the location that is best for your facility
•finding the best possible property
•purchasing properties and the different techniques
•building the perfect property for care homes
•learn exactly what to look for in the property to make it work
•the exact modifications required per property
•secret techniques used to make the property different than all others
•laws and regulations required by the states
•the licensing process & speeding up the process
•learn the daily operations of the facilities
•how to structure your facility the right way to protect yourself from law suites
•how to get the very important funding that you need
•learn the marketing strategies of the pros to make your facility the best
•learn the correct way to staff your facility so you can have a life
•and much much more…..

Get all of the documentation you will need:

•license application
•med chart
•resident contracts
•resident evaluation forms
•forms for home records
•staffing contracts
•staff training forms
•funding forms
•functional business plan
•and a whole lot more….

The time to take action is NOW, and the one thing that will never happen is success without action.

Not Sure Yet?

No problem.  Sample our training by visiting the free webinar page to register for our first training at no cost to you.

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