Residential Care Gateway pioneered this investing strategy.

1. Is there sufficient detail in the kit to show me how to do a rigorous feasibility study such as detail cost estimating, construction project planning and pricing (high level)?

The kit helps with planning and includes a business plan. Every city is different in terms of cost, especially dealing with contractors. We show you what needs to be done, but it is up to you to get cost estimates and work with the person you feel is right for the job.

2. Does the kit help with learning about staffing?

Yes we tell you exactly how we staff our facilities so you can duplicate the process.

3. Do you help with tax planning and asset protection structures at all?

We are not attorneys and therefore do not teach anything about taxes or asset protection. All we can legally do is give examples of what we have done to show you some possibilities. You should always contact tax and asset planning attorneys to find out the best strategies for yourself because every person has a different situation.

If you have to ask these questions, the best thing to do is get started and once you are at place where you are making good money, then you can worry about protecting your investments.

4. Will it help show me how to quantify my specific market potential, assess my competition and set a competitive price point?

Yes, doing market research is one of the first steps in our process.

5. I doubt I will be able to go high-end since the home is in a small town. Is the kit still for me?

Yes, the kit is definitely for you and will probably save you from getting into a bad situation.

Just because you already have a home, doesn’t mean it’s the right home to use. We do not work in small towns and especially lower-middle class neighborhoods and therefore, do not teach people to invest there. We have many reasons for this and because we have followed strict guidelines, we have been successful.

We recommend that you follow in our footsteps and invest in areas like we teach, because we know that is what works and will help you avoid potentially stressful situations. One of the first steps in our kit teaches you to find a place to invest.

6. Will the kit help show how to identify and quantify risks specific to my situation? Even though there is no property purchase cost, I would not expect to make $12,000 per month in a middle class market. $5000 would be fine, even $3000. I just need to be able to do a rigorous study and risk assessment.

Our kit does not teach you how to invest in this type of area and therefore will not show you how to quantify risks for your specific situation. We cannot tailor our kits for details on each situation, only what we have experience with, so you are probably better off purchasing some one-on-one consulting time instead.

7. After I purchase the kit, do I have a time window to evaluate it to be sure it really helps get me to the finish line?

We offer a 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee IF you do not go through and use the product or use your consulting call. Please see our Terms of Service in the footer of this website for full details.

The terms of this guarantee are as follows: If you have used your RCG business kit, studied through at least module 3 and/or used your free RCG consultation, you are not eligible for a refund because you have consumed enough of the material and we have invested our time into helping you. Our hourly rate is $500. But if you NEVER used your consulting call, and you have NOT watched past module 2, you are eligible for a refund. Feel free to contact us with any questions by sending an email to support@residentialcaregateway.com or calling our secure voicemail line at (555) 555-5555.

8. Finally, do you have any boot camps or other training for moving to the high-end?

We do not have any bootcamps planned at this time, but will probably start offering some in the future. We do offer one-on-one phone consultations and have done some 1-on-1 mentorships which have limited availability.

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