Here we are including interviews with our successful students that have gone through our programs. Knowing others have "been there", in a similar position to you, and are successful can really make a difference when you are facing challenges in your business.

***NOTE*** Please respect the privacy of these students. They were gracious enough to allow us to interview them so all of our students can benefit from their experiences. They even allowed us to show photographs of their facilities. Please do not try to contact them in any form because it's disrespectful to their privacy and a waste of your time as they will not respond. We realize you probably would not even consider it, but just want to cover our bases. Thank you 🙂

Tanya  Cook

This is the first of two interviews with Tanya Cook. She and her husband Casey own facilities in California. Both interviews cover similar ground, but have some different details making them both worth listening to.

*note* We had trouble recording video on her interviews, so unfortunately they are both audio-only.

Tammy Owens

Tammy is a successful student in Florida.
She had recently opened her third facility when this interview took place.