What is an RCFE?

Residential Care Facilities are the future of not only the health care industry, but also the Real Estate Investment world.

RCFEs go by many different names and vary state to state and have been around for some time now; they have not received the exposure that they deserve.

Many, if not all, that hear about Elder Care immediately think of large Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Homes, but RCFE’s are single family residential homes which are converted into elder care homes which anyone can do.

One great facet about this type of investment is you are able to really help our needy elderly and at the same time make quite a bit of money ranging from $7K/mo to $15K/mo net.

Another added benefit to RCFE’s is you do not have to deal with hundreds of tenants that call you at all hours and interrupting your life and time. You can manage RCFE properties with little interaction, and you will be taking care of sweet elderly ladies and gentlemen from age 60+ with the dignity and respect that they deserve; many times these homes will only have 5-6 residents, and provide you with that tremendous cash flow mentioned.

Demonstrated by demographic research, this new baby boomer uptrend will produce a very strong market for elder care homes. It will be the best investment in years to come and one of the strongest, most secure places you will ever put your money because it not only has one increasing industry to support it, but two highly increasing industries with many more on the way.

3 models of Elderly Care Homes We discuss

Existing Home – There are techniques used that we teach that show you how to take a regular single family home without rezoning and convert it into a Elderly Care Facility. This is a wonderful model because it allows your residents to still feel like they are in a regular home. Also the benefit is that when going with an existing home there may be minimal modifications needed, and therefor will keep more money in your pocket.

New Construction – We have successfully constructed brand new elderly care facilities. With the residents in mind we show you how to create a new home while still keeping that home feel, yet creating the easiest use for the Elderly Care Facility model. There are also benefits to constructing new homes like look, usage, and convenience and we will show you all of that.

Purchasing Existing – Lets not forget the last option of purchasing an exiting Elderly Care Facility. There are not a lot of good one that are out on the market, but do you think it would be important to know how to find them? Sure. Some of these homes are perfect for you to purchase and take over the business and put the “RCG” touch on it you just need to know where to look and what to do.

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